Use of other people’s work

When we search the internet for images, music, video and information, there is a wealth of items available to us.

A lot of the items available are the work of others; people who have put a lot of time and effort into creating them and as such are not available to cut and paste into our work (even though this is easy to do).

There are however a growing number of people who make their work available to others on-line and there are a growing number of websites that let you find these items easily. They license them using a system called ‘Creative Commons’.

You can visit the Creative Commons Website by following this link.

You can also watch this You Tube video which clearly explains how creative commons works.

This Sitepoint page has links to 30+ places where you can find Creative Commons materials.

So, instead of plagiarising someone else’s work, see what is available for you to use.