Food for Life Partnership & Healthy Eating

The Food for Life Project is a national scheme that endeavours to reach out from schools and into the community to help all of us gain a better understanding of where and how our food is produced, to help us to get our hands dirty by growing some of our own and then utilising the resultant crops to produce healthy meals.

They have been commissioned by Leicestershire County Council to embed the programme across the county. For more information on this work click here.

As the Food for Life Partnership’s (FFLP) Flagship Primary School for Leicestershire, we held a launch event for this new partnership between FFLP and Leicestershire County at our school on the 11/03/2014.

Over the past few years we have been making changes to our outside environment. We now have a superb eating/classroom area located at the back of our hall. Children are able to use this space during warm weather to eat their lunches outside, and classes can make use of the space to undertake a variety of activities. The space also features a herb garden (for use by the school kitchen) and a large wall mosaic created by the children.

We have our fabulous growing area just along from the adventure playground where food we have grown has found it’s way into our school’s kitchen and into the children’s school dinners.

Healthy Eating

Through the FFLP we have been lucky enough to have a visit from the Cooking Bus where a number of parents, children and teachers were able to try their hands at cooking with a range of healthy, organic, locally produced ingredients. During the Cooking Bus’ visit we were given access to a range of recipes that we could use in school as part of our Design and Technology (Cooking) sessions as well as in our after school cooking club.

The Children’s Food Trust has a range of information for parents on food in school / preschool settings, how to cook at home with children as well as their Take Two Campaign.

The BBC have a range of healthy meals for children too.

Change 4 Life has a range of ideas for healthy school lunchboxes and other tips on leading a healthy life.

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