Our School Prayer

The School Council (which is made up of an elected boy and girl from each class) met to discuss the possibility of a school prayer. They talked about what it might say. Who were the people we should be thinking of? What did we as individuals need help with? Which attributes should we strive to uphold? And, what could God help us with? They thought about our schools’ Code of Conduct and the words it contained. They thought about the Lords’ Prayer.

This is their prayer; this is our prayer.

Gilmorton Chandler CE Primary School Prayer

Dear Lord

Thank you for this new day at Gilmorton School

And all the opportunities it may bring us

But let us still remember those in the world less fortunate.

Help us to listen, learn, work hard

And take pride in all that we do.

Guide us to respect everyone and everything,

Value friendship and always do our best.