Willow Brook Organic Farm

Our Year 4 children have the much envied opportunity to visit a local farm three times a year to see how it changes over time. They visit once in the Autumn Term, once in the Spring Term and a final time in the Summer Term.

Our Year 4 children have been visiting the farm since 2010 and the link was made as part of the Food for Life Partnership. This programme developed to give children the opportunity to see all aspects of food production and where possible to engage with it.

Willow Brook Organic Farm is based in nearby Shearsby and is home to some rare breed sheep called Soay and there website can be found here. (disclaimer: We have no control over the content of external websites.)

Whilst on the farm the children are offered a varied number of activities, including an introduction to the farm on the first visit and a farm walk, running through to life with the soays and ‘hands on’ feeding opportunities in the spring.

Willow Brook has a number of different wildlife habitats around the farm which give a good range of study situations or ‘spotting’ locations for the children to identify plants, animals and insects.