Phonic Resources

There are a wide range of phonic resources available in shops and on the Internet. Not all of them are helpful. We have found the following useful.

How to make the letter sounds? Watch this video to see how. This video and a range of other phonic resources are available at 

One resource referred to on the Phonics’ page is Jolly Phonics. More information on Jolly Phonics and the actions, can be found on their website.  You can hear how to make the 42 sounds on the Jolly Phonics’ wesbite here. Please bear in mind, we only use Jolly Phonics actions when teaching initial sounds; we do not follow their sequence of letter delivery, or their handwriting materials.

Busy Things is an on-line resource that covers not only phonics, but also mathematics and creative activities. It is used frequently in our Reception class, as well as Year 1. You will need a username and password to access the site, which can be requested from your child’s class teacher. Login here.

Another website is ‘Teach your monster to read’. You will need to sign up to create a username and password for the website. It has been given good reviews so far.

There is also ‘Phonics Play‘ which has some free games and for a small fee, a number of more games to suit each phase of phonics.